Twelve Months


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Dear Molly,

We’ve made it to a year!  It’s hard to believe how much you’ve grown.  Watching you learn and develop is just awesome.

blurry baby on her way to get the camera

blurry baby on her way to get the camera

As I’m sure you will learn, each year we help Grandma and Grandpa Russell make cranberry bread.  You got to hang out with Gigi and Grandpa Mustache and you even allowed me to be away from you long enough to wash an entire bag of cranberries!

You enjoyed your first Thanksgiving (no jarred baby food for you)!  You also went to story time at the library for the first time this month.  Daddy said you were all over the place, exploring.

We had your first birthday party on December 1st which was a lot of fun.  Both sides of the family were there and everyone spoiled you with lots of gifts!  You paid much more attention to the wrapping paper than the gifts that night, but you’ve since gotten quite a bit of use out of all your other gifts.

happy birthday!

happy birthday!

You are a friendly, inquisitive, sensitive, endearing little girl and I love you with all my heart.